Anthropology is the study of history of evolution of human beings.
anthropology include biological evolution of human being, their social, cultural and linguistic development and also include archaeological study of human relicts. Thus social problems like birth control, labor unrest, juvenile delinquency, mortality rate can be dealt with the help of information gathered from anthropological studies.
The minimum qualification for B.Sc in Anthropology is 10+2 pass with science subjects. However requirement of individual collages/universities is different such as 10+2 with Biology and minimum percentage of marks scored. For better career option one can pursue M.Sc in Anthropology for which minimum qualification is B.Sc in the concerned subject. There are also higher studies such as M.Phil and PhD in anthropology.
Various government research institutes are there which employ anthropologists most importantly the Anthropological Survey of India. There are other important institutions that have to deal with technical aspects of human evolution and therefore require the service of anthropologists like Planning Commission and Commission for Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes Commission, Minority Commission and Commission on Schedule Tribes. International agencies like WHO, UNESCO and UNICEF also recruits number of anthropologists to conduct research activities.

Many universities and collages offer B.Sc/M.Sc courses in Anthropology. Some of them are University of Delhi; Visva Bharati University, West Bengal; University of Allahabad, Sambalpur University, Orissa, Bangalore University; University of Rajashthan; North Eastern Hill University, Meghalaya; Pune University; University of Hyderabad; Kurukshetra University, Haryana; University of Mumbai; Pt.Ravishankar Shukla University, Chhatisgarh; Vinoba Bhave University, Jharkhand; Berhampur University, Orissa; University of Calcutta an many more.

The term Anthropology has been derived from two Greek terms namely ‘anthropos’ which means human and ‘logos’ means study. Thus Anthropology is the study of human beings in its absoluteness. It not only studies the evolution of human beings but also studies the socio-cultural development of humans.


2 thoughts on “WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGY?

  1. I read some of your articles here. I have some question which needs answers, so that I can have a proper understanding of what you are trying to say here. In you acle it says you believe in the evolutionary stages of human beings. I wanna know what your stance is about Homosexuality. Do you agree to the idea of legalizing it and approving gay marriages in India?

    You probably think homosexuality and what you have in your article is 2 different topics. I disagree if you think so. We can discuss it in detail, but please answer my question from the previous paragraph.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    • I don’t think Homosexuality is a good one. Its against nature. We, human beings also just a creature like any other animal. The only thing is that we have the power to think. When we using it, there comes right and wrong. This is wrong to me and to you too. But some others thinks nothing wrong with homosexuality.

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