Religeos terrorism is one of the worst one in world. politics persons also make use of that. but naxalism is not like that. it is from the fear of who expelled from their place for the mine mafia and the corparate world. i wish to equate it with terrorism and revolutionism of ernesto chegue vara, bhagath singh, rajguru and sukhdev and lot of other revolutionists. The so called naxalites are compell to fight with their own fource. for instance, India. The Governments are have very hidden ajendas behind the war against the Tribal people. They are sanding with the corporate world. They don’t know the pulse of the common Tribal man or woman. We can see in telivisons that the politicians are accompanied with the owners of the mnc’s in their journeys. Even our Prime minister also travelled with Rathan tata in his last foreign trip. For what? We have the right to ask. becouse we only elect them to administer us. But they should remember it is not the licence to exploit the people of India.
                          The new government proposed war strategy named ‘Greenhunt’ also have the same intention. It is nothing but expelling tribal people from their lands in Chathisgarh, West bengal and Jharkhand.The recent incident which killed 74 Central Reserve Polive Force Jawans is fully made by our home minister P.Chidambaram. He only make this problem to this crucial stage. He only responcible for this.what he aimed by starting the war against the naxalites by our C.R.P.F, B.S.F, I.TB.P FORCES without giving proper training and weapons . He should no this armed strugle would not lead to end by the auction. But he may know that by creating some martyars [like these 74 jawans] an angriness against the naxalites should form within the people of India. He can feel proud becouse he won his intention in some extent.

                                   Naxalism is not only started in recent weeks but it started when people began to suffer poverty and threats from the feudal lords and state. Since our country got feedom from the foreign exploiters our major aim is nothing but iradicating poverty. But we failed in this. Becouse of our ill-planning and worst Politics and bureaucracy. Our Fathr of nation great Mohan das karamchand Gandhi could forseen the situation of contemporary state of politics. Thats why he said that  after getting the Indipendance the congress party should be desperse. But it not happened. It resulted the birth of the politicians which stand for the corporate world not for the poor people, like P.Chidambaram, Manmohan singh and lots more.



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