Anthropology course in University of Madras

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Department of Anthropology
The Department of Anthropology started in 1945 with Certificate and Diploma courses. Subsequently a research degree, M.Litt., was introduced. In 1975 a full-fledged Department came up during the tenure of Prof. Malcolm Adiseshiah as Vice-Chancellor. The two-year M.A. Course was started and M. Phil and Ph. D. programmes were also begun. One of the strengths of the Department has been the emphasis on fieldwork. The number of sponsored research projects completed in the Department is remarkable both in terms of diversity of areas researched as well as the sheer number of projects completed with funding from both national and international agencies. Also, the faculty has been consultants to various national and international bodies.

To reduce prejudices and discriminatory practices that exist between human societies through an objective and sensitive study of cultures and traditions.

To capture and disseminate how society transforms and develops in the fast and rapidly changing environment that leads to increasing urbanisation and mobility of human groups.

Courses Offered
Two-year M.A. Programme in Anthropology
Five-Year Integrated M.A. Programme in Anthropology
Ph.D Programmes

Department of Anthropology

M.A. Programme
Semester Code Course Title Core/ Elective Credits Marks
I – Semester SSS C927 Foundations of Social Anthropology Core 4 100
SSS C928 Archaeological Anthropology Core 4 100
SSS C929 Ethnology and Comparative Ethnography Core 4 100
SSS C930 Practical – Archaeological Anthropology Core 3 100
SSS E964 Indians Overseas Elective 3 100
SSS E965 Qualitative Methods of Research Elective 3 100
UOM S987 Soft Skill 2 100
II – Semester SSS C931 Physical Anthropology Core 4 100
SSS C932 Methodology of Anthropological Research Core 4 100
SSS C933 Public Anthropology Core 4 100
SSS C934 Practical – Physical Anthropology Core 3 100
SSS E966 Social Ecology Elective 3 100
UOM S988 Soft Skill 2 100
UOM I 001 Internship 2 100
III – Semester SSS C935 Anthropology of Peasant Societies Core 4 100
SSS C936 Anthropology of Urban and Complex Societies Core 4 100
SSS C937 Theories of Culture and Social Structure Core 4 100
SSS E967 Human Biology Elective 3 100
SSS E968 Culture and Management Elective 3 100
UOM S989 Soft Skill 2 100
IV – Semester SSS C938 Economic Anthropology Core 4 100
SSS C939 Political Anthropology Core 4 100
SSS C940 Anthropology of Folklore Core 4 100
SSS E969 Minorities, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Elective 3 100
SSS E970 Environmental Anthropology Elective 3 100
SSS C941 Project, Field work, Dissertation and Viva-Voce Core 6 100
UOM S990 Soft Skill 2 100


4 thoughts on “Anthropology course in University of Madras

  1. i am an english teacher, studying sociology now. got interested in anthropology.would be glad to do an M.A. in cultural anthropology, if possible, part-time.pls let me know whether i can do it..thanks

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