Divisions if Anthropology

Physical or biological Anthropology – This branch deals with the biological evolution of human beings and linkage of humans with their primate ancestors. Differences between various races, human genetics, and adaptations to various climatic conditions also come under this branch.

Social Anthropology – This branch deals with the socio cultural developments of human race from their origin. Different methods of forming communities, difference in culture of various clans, cross cultural communication and such other topics form the subject of study under this branch.

Prehistoric Anthropology – This branch can also be called archeology as it deals with bones, relics and artifacts dug up and tries to reconstruct the chronological sequence of history on the basis of these findings.

Applied Anthropology – social problems like birth control, labor unrest, juvenile delinquency, mortality rate are dealt with the help of information gathered from other fields. This is the main job of this branch of Anthropology.

Linguistic Anthropology – the origin and evolution of all written as well as unwritten languages and dialects are being dealt with under this branch of anthropology.


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