My Word on Republic Day of India

26th January marks the day when the Indian constitution come into force. With the principles of justice, liberty and equality for all Indians serving as its bedrock. 63 years later, our country seems to be trying its hardest to forget the guiding principles of the idea called India.

Justice – social, economic or political is often a threadbare dream for most. Protest marches seeking justice sometimes seem like the only viable recourse, Liberty of thought and expression feels caged by numerous laws. And it is further subverted by unpoliced threats of violence. Equality, instead of becoming an omnipotent reality is rapidly fading away into the realm of a utopian hoax. 

In NorthEast, Protectors have become PREDATORS for a long time now, and women are the worst sufferers. There have been many instances, documented as well as undocumented, of women being raped and molested by men in uniform. Armymen take cover under draconian laws such as AFSPA, which give them sweeping powers and make them unpunishable in the civil court of law, to exploit the vulnerability of women and fake encounters in such areas.

But it’s not the constitution which is falling short. We, the people are not fulfilling the promises we made to ourselves. So how is 26th Jan a day to celebrate? A day to introspect might be more appropriate…


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