Solidarity with the Worldwide Student and Progressive Movements

We can see students’ signature in each revolution that has taken place across the world in the history of every nation. In the recent days, we could see that the world burning against the dictorial, imperialistic and corrupted governments. We saw people showing their anger against the dictorial regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan. In Tunisia Egypt and Yemen dictators had fallen due to the outrage of students and common people. The revolt in Tunisia, also called as Jasmine revolution, served as inspiration for many upheavals and appraisals that has taken place recently in various parts of the world. Students were the significant part in each of these movements.

The list of struggles against the evil practices of capitalism was not ended with Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. Students’ anger sparked violence in United Kingdom and United States also. The reason of the struggle in United Kingdom was the steep increase of cap of tuition fee. These historic movements strongly articulated a demand for pro public education system. In the capitalistic America also people showed their unwillingness to go along with the problems causing because of the capitalistic rule. The Wall Street struggle was the example for that. Students of America involved in this historical struggle in larger extend.

The Chilean students had marked another significant chapter of student movement in the history of the world ever seen. They united and blown towards the Sebastian Penera government in order to take the decision in favor of equality and social justice. The Chilean student movement was an inspiration for the whole leftists and student community to strengthen their fight against the liberalization as well as the privatization in the field of education. The radical model of Chilean struggle was successful by making the government to evolve decisions in favor of the protesters’ demands.

It is clear that the common peoples’ mind in all over the world is changing against the evil practices of capitalism. They will come to the forefront of the struggle to thrash the capitalistic power centers from their epicenters to the middle of common people in the future also. Indigenous place, culture and language doesn’t matter in their path. Student Federation of India’s 14th All India Conference extends its solidarity with the whole student and progressive movements across the world.


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