Brutality of P.A Collage Administration leads to death of an innocent Student

The whole world deserve to know of this ruthless act.

What and Where is P.A College of Engineering?

P.A College of Engineering is situated near Mangalore, in Karnataka state of India. For many years, this college has been torturing its students mentally and emotionally. There were many students who lost interest in their life as a result of the torture they faced from the college. Many significant posts are given to retired military officials. The environment is more like a military camp rather than a professional college. The management would not stop the saga of torture until an innocent girl chose to die than get tortured.

Mehnaz Ali’s Tragic death:

Mehnaz Ali was a smart and bold girl who was loved by everyone. She went on a tour with her friends during holidays. She had her parents‘ permission. When some of the faculty saw the tour photos in facebook, they called her and started interrogation.
On Monday, 9th April, 2012, she was continuously tortured verbally and mentally from 2.30 pm to 11.30 pm, by a group of faculty including Campus Director, Mr. Udayan V.K, Mr. Farooq Syed and some others. The faculty called it “counseling”. There were no female faculty members in the chamber. They accused her of unwanted and untrue things.
The next day, on Tuesday, 10th April, 2012, Mehnaz Ali was called again to the CD‘s chamber as soon as the classes began. She was accused of involving in sexual activities. Mehnaz could no more control herself and threatened them that she will commit suicide. But the cold-blooded beasts had no value for a human life. They continued until noon. Her parents were informed with false news about their daughter. The parents pleaded the management not to make it a big issue. The girl was so distressed and she wanted to speak with her parents. But, her mobile phone and other belongings were seized and at around 1 pm she went directly to the hostel where she hanged herself. Mr. Farooq had asked the hostel Matron to lock her room too. Mehnaz might have thought of relaxing in her room, but when she found it locked, she went to another empty room where she hanged.
At around 2 pm, the CD called up the Matron and told, “Mehnaz had told that she will commit suicide, just check whether she did so”. Mehnaz Ali was found hanging then. The Matron and Mr. Sathar were not ready to hire an auto rickshaw since they thought it will make the incident public, thereby reducing the (false) reputation of the college. Almost 20 minutes were wasted when the college vehicle arrived. Mehnaz was taken to hospital but she had no pulse. The CD and Mr. Sathar had reportedly been to the room where she hanged and to her own room after she was taken to hospital. So, if at all there was a death note or any other kind of favorable evidence, it was removed.

What management had to say about Mehnaz’s death?

The management was too brutal. Mr. Farooq told that Mehnaz was pregnant (which was proved to be wrong in the postmortem report) and that was the reason for her suicide. The CD was not ready to accept his mistake. Many manipulations have already been done. They tried to fake the primary death report but failed. Now they are trying to fake the forensic report which will be out in a few days.

We need to spread this news as far and wide as we could. We need support from every corner of the world to fight against these dictators. Please join this cause. Share this page and let the world know how a promising and talented girl killed herself to elude away from the torture of her own college faculty.


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