Deepu.P.Thomas on Religion

‎50 Reasons why religion sucks……

1) There are too many religions, how does a believer know he picked the right one?

2) Offers religious people the wrong understanding of the world they live in

3) Has caused many wars

4) Further separates and classifies people

5) Full of contradictions

6) No proof other than the inability to disprove

7) Does not agree with science

8) Disrespects the hard work of the scientific community

9) Religious claims have yet to have scientific backing

10) People do not need religion to have morals (ex: learn to respect others, not kill or steal)

11) Waste of time

12) Waste of money

13) Waste of space

14) Wasted of lives

15) All churches would be better off being shelter for poor people

16) Religion unites people for the wrong reasons

17) Leaders often times use religion to bring their people to their sides

18) Most religions are outdated and lack any historical backing

19) No scientific or supernatural occurrences have been discovered yet

20) Religions change and evolve overtime depending on the general populations beliefs

21) Does not explain life before life

22) No way to know what comes after death

23) Easily accepted by naïve people

24) Religions do not respect each other

25) Religion does not make people more comfortable

26) Religions are corrupt in many levels

27) Though different in names, most major religions are all similar, somewhat proving that they really come from the same source

28) If god knows the future then there is no free will

29) Has caused hate crimes

30) Heavily religious countries have not shown to be “better” off

31) Discriminates against free thinkers

32) Discriminates against harmless people with different beliefs and sexual orientations

33) Can give probable cause for anyone to do anything “I slit her throat because god told me to”

34) Many animals have been killed due to religious sacrifices

35) Does not disprove atheism legitimately

36) Operates on scaring believers by using places like hell and eternal punishment to keep them in line

37) Many people have been killed due to religious sacrifices

38) Religions are taught in schools as fact

39) Many children are raised religious at a young age without a choice to reason and choose what they want to believe

40) Prayers have yet to have been proven to be effective

41) No “miracles” have been documented

42) Religion does not offer a valid explanation of the world around us

43) Religion confuses people

44) Some religions do not allow its believers to question their faith

45) Religion requires blind faith

46) Religion is not the cause for technological advancements, in fact, it only slows it down

47) Older religions have trouble accounting for new scientific discoveries that directly contracting the religion

48) God has yet to show up and give us an update on wtf is going on

49) Things such as guardian angels, reincarnation, resurrection have yet to have been proven or witnessed

50) Even the most religious people tend to mourn and fear death, despite the fact that heaven appears to be a very nice place – contradiction?


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