Chattisgarh: Deputy Sarpanch arrested for speaking against atrocities

BIJAPUR – In a shocking incident of sabotaging the struggle for justice, Chhattisgarh Police have arrested an elected representative of village for speaking out the facts about the police aggressions in Bijapur District.

Sadanandam aged about 28 years, Deputy Sarpanch of Kamlapalli Panchayat of Bijapur district was put behind bars for speaking out the police atrocities to the media and the people. Sadanandam is now accused in the murder charges of a SPO, which took place reportedly by Maoists in last month.

Sadanandam who also run a FPS was summoned by the police on 8th of August on the pretext of some important discussion. As he went to the station, Police chained him and arrested without giving any reasons. Later he was produced in the district court of Bijapur on following day on the charges of murder of an SPO. Subsequently his bail was denied by the Magistrate and he has been sent to the jail.

It all started with the arrest of two labors in Madded Village of Kamlapalli Panchayat on 28th of July. The duo identified as Suresh and Rajesh of a nearby village called Tummirguda, 3 kms away from Madded.

According to Afzal, an activist from Bijapur district, “the duo was standing on a road side as they had no work that day. Suresh was a mason and Rajesh, a 12th passed youth working as collie for perceiving his higher studies, were picked by the police without any reason even after the enquiry.”

Mothers of duo rushed to the Police Station as soon as they learnt about the detention. Though, initially police denied any detention, fortunately they saw their sons being tortured in the custody by the police. As villagers came to know about this they started to gather in front of the police station.

“But, they were threatened with the dire consequences in-case of proceeding further and were abused. Police reportedly dispersed the crowd and challenged them saying “bring the person he who informed you about this detention, we will leave these boys” “he said.

On August 7, six persons including a pregnant woman were arrested by the same police. Learning the news of arrest villagers including women surrounded police station and blocked the main road. Bowing down to the pressure police released all the six persons.

“But, on 8th of August, Police summoned Sadanandam on the pretext of discussion, and arrested him as he was the person who used to educate the villagers and media about the developments and their rights. Even his family was not allowed to meet him, and was not aware of the allegations on him.” He explained.

“Family members managed to speak to him in the court premises and were advised by him to not to proceed further as Police will frame other villagers too” he said.

The hardship being faced by the villagers on the context of countering Maoists he explained, “About seven people who were fishing at poliwork cannel, near Gorla village, were taken away by the CRPF personnel without any reason. As Sarpanch approached CRPF camp to know the whereabouts of those people, he was abused, tortured and threatened saying he will be arrested for being a Maoist.”

“Nobody knows about those people till now” he added.

Input from local sources


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