Dear friend,

Summer is almost here and with it the problem of long power cuts. The cities at least have electricity, but there are so many villages that don’t know what electricity means.

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Last year Greenpeace India travelled across Bihar promoting renewable energy. This year started with a campaign to save forests from coal mining. Renewable energy is crucial in both cases. The forests are not safe yet and a lot of the country still lives in darkness. Your support will help save forests and bring electricity to millions.

Heroes like you have helped keep up the fight to protect our planet. Here’s one more chance. Make a contribution to save the forests and we will send you an Environment Hero t-shirt. While you get a t-shirt, your contribution will help Greenpeace remain independent and strengthen the fight to save the planet.

You should make a contribution to get a Greenpeace India T-shirt.


Greenpeace does not accept funds from government or business groups. The money comes in the form of contributions made by individuals like you. This is why your support makes a big difference.

Get your Environment Hero t-shirt fast. Make a contribution now.


Thanks a billion!

Swati Mehta
Greenpeace India


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