India – Naxalism and Terrorism

When they say that minorities are dissatisfied and that’s the reason for the terrorism, i will reply terrorism is not a solution for any political problems. We can use all weapons ‘Himsa’ and ‘Ahimsa’ against social evils. But that is not under the guidance of religious interests. The people can organize irrespective of any ethnicity for the good to the society.
In India, we are facing threats from religious fundamentalists since the Independence of the country. For the reason of this, these groups are saying that the minorities are oppressed under the majority religious peoples and they want to strike against this. Yes, some of the areas there is. But we can’t tell this prevailing in the entire country and this as the reason for the spreading of terrorism in all of the regions of Indian state.Not only India, but also European countries, Russia, and U.S.A are the states who facing threats from the extremists.These religious attacks not only to these countries. For example the countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, and Afghanistan facing problems from the Islamic terrorist even though Islam is the majority religion.

Naxals and Terrorists.
We could saw a growing unification in between the naxal groups and Islamic terrorists recently. They shared same stage also, by publicly revealing this tie-up. What is the reason behind this? What is the interest make them closer? We should examine. Definitely they both are the enemies of Indian state and Democratic system.But the formation of these two groups are from entirely different circumstances. Naxalites are grown in the amidst poverty and the exploitation by the corporate sector.Most of them are the Tribes and living in the forest areas. They are fighting for their existence. They had been living in their forest without interfering the mainstream society in a long period. But since the greedy eyes of Indian corporate sector looked into the resource rich Indian forests, they smelled danger.Multi-national companies started to mine Bauxite, Iron, Coal,etc from there both legally and illegally. Tribal peoples are their major obstacles from the exploitation of the environment.To Tribal, this exploitation of the mother earth is unacceptable in any circumstances. The mother earth gave all which they want to live from their birth.Food, Shelter, Fuel, Weapons… all. They do not need money to run their life.So they took bow and arrows to fight against the foreigners(since they are not the part of India, and not receiving any benefits from the Government of India. Indians are foreigners to them). This situation gives an opportunity to the enemies of India, like China, and Pakistan. They supplied modern war equipments like Light Machine Gun(LMG), Self Loading Rifle(SLR), Insas and even the AK47. The Naxalite groups are not feel any ethical problem to accept their assistance. Naxalites have no religious interests.Their problem related with the economic system. They want the freedom to access the resources.
But irrespective of these groups India’s another problem is the terrorist groups working in and out of our territory.Pakistan helping them a lot by giving financial power and man power. I can’t understand why the Pakistani govt do not forecast the problems coming out of their activities. Once’ they will turn against the govt of Pakistan.Nowadays these groups are spreads across the Pakistan and started to destabilize their own govt. In India their growth is in the name of defense to the majority threats.The Hindu terrorist groups like Bajrangdal, V.H.P, AbhinavBharath, Shiv sena, Sreeram sena, etc are helped them a lot to pave the seeds of uncertainty into the Muslim society of India.We can see a major growth of these terror groups which happened in the time after the demolition of Babri Masjid only.Gujarat riot also fueled in this process.
In the ancient time, Religions and fear of god are emerged from the human being’s fear of natural wonders.But now these groups are emerging from human’s fear of other human’s who are living with them. I am dreaming about a society which have no religious barriers. But i don’t know in which way i can go to fulfill my dream.



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