I seen the identity politics is one of the main thing which stands against the social integration and unification of India. The identity politics is in the basis of identity of some particular communal group, it may be a caste, a religion or any other ethnic group.The political parties understood the importance of identity politics in India and they can exploit it effectively.We can see this mainly in the northern region of India. Identity politics is the main factor to determine the governments of states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Orrisa, U.P, Madhya pradesh and Rajasthan.It have a major impact in southern India too, particularly in Tamil nadu.
But, in Kerala, Identity politics have lesser impact.It is mainly because of the strong existence of left parties. But recently we saw that even within the communist party a group who supporting identity politics is formed under some intellectuals like K.E.N Kunjahammed. They have the reasons for their stand. They may tell that it is for the empowerment of backward classes. But that is not the main concern which i am trying to tell. My concern is how the Identity politics is threatening the social unity. It will cause to the divide the society into main parts and the clash in between different groups.
This is more visible and dangerous in national level. Recently Wiki leaks revealed the American officials’ comment on congress leader’s remarks on 26/11 attacks and the death of martyr Hemanth Karkare. US describes these leaders comments as ”Crass political opportunism”. Yes it is none other than opportunism.
We all know that Karkare shot dead by the terrorist during the mumbai attacks.But politicians like Digvijay singh created a new theory which denying the hand of pak based terrorist in these attacks. But i have the opinion that because of Karkare’s contribution to reveal the truth behind the Malegaon blast, we can’t say about the Hindu terror outfit’s involvement in the mumbai attacks.The congress leader’s arguments only help the terror groups like Lashkar. Hemant karkare, Ashok Kamthe, and Vijay salaskar are the three brave police officers reached first into the terrorist attacking area and fought with them.They immediately ready to come to the place without any superior officer’s order.But unfortunately they fought dead.This sad incident gave an oppertunity to those leaders to play the mere political stunt and grab the minority votes.This is what US stated as "Crass political opportunism".
The congress politicians like Digvijay singh and A.R Anthuley exploited the sad incident. But they have no authority to decide who are the convicts. Its the job to the Investigative agencies.Their statements is nothing but to gain the minority votes.
Majority and the minority terrorism are the big treats the country facing today. Each one helping other to grow.We want to take great caution against them and should sweep them out from indain soil.Whoever them are. We dont want the religious organizations like V.H.P, Simi, N.DF, Bajrangdal. Abhinavbharth, Popular front, R.S.S,Indian Mujahidheen, Shiv sena, M.N.S etc.


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