Varanasi bomb blast

Santosh Kumar Sharma, with a picture of his one-year-old daughter Swastika who died in Tuesday's explosion in Varanasi.
Religious terrorism is one of the major threat which mankind facing today. In the past, the human beings only created ‘God’ to reduce his stress in the difficult life and for escape from the fear. Every societies had their own believes. According to those believes, religions are evolved. They made laws to create a good, moral, ethical society. But what is the result then? Now we can see everywhere people are fighting each other in the name of their ‘God’. They believing that if they died during the war will get ‘heaven’ or ‘God’ will take care of them in their post death period. ‘Varanasi’ bomb blast is the recent outcome of that fight. What the terrorists got by killing a innocent 2 year old child? Some fellow people gathered in the shore of ‘Ganga’ and performing rituals to make pleasure their deity. Some other people killed them to pleasure their deity. what is going on? When it stops?



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