India -France ink nuclear pacts

India government is very keen to build nuclear reactors and expanding our capability to produce nuclear energy. Our PM aims to make a very big amount of nuclear energy to meet our needs. Recently we signed many pacts with United States and France.Day before yesterday our PM signed an agreement with French President Nicolas Sarkozy relating the Jaitapur plant, Maharashtra. But public is doubtful with it’s impact. of course they have the reason. Nuclear energy is highly adventurous one.
The government of Maharashtra arrested 1500 persons in recent days from the state. The action is aimed at preventing any embarrassment during the visit of sarkozy. Major left parties already flagged issues relating with the safety and design of Jaitapur plant. PM saying that neuclear energy is essential for development of the country and cut off the pollution. BUT WHAT IS THE FACT? is the nuclear energy is free from pollution? Not at all. The waste came from the production of nuclear energy is highly hazardous and harm full. Usually these waste are disposing in think tank into the deep sea. But if once it came out, the entire world will be in threat. All of this auctions are for better future. But really it is? Its the time to think.


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