IAP Cochin branch inauguration

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You are cordially invited for the inauguration of the Cochin branch of the Rationalist Centre and Indian Atheist Publishers (Velukaran Complex, LFC Road, Kaloor, Cochin) on 13th October Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Indian Atheist Publishers was established at New Delhi in 1979 under the leadership of Sanal Edamaruku and is now the leading freethought publishing house in Asia. Its sister publication "Mudra Books" focuses on literature and art publications. Rationalist Centre at Delhi was inaugurated by the legendary rationalist late Shri. Joseph Edamaruku in 2006. It is a centre of socio-cultural activities in Delhi and houses Navodhana Vedi, an unconventional socio-cultural discussion forum.

The Cochin centre will house the local branch of Indian Atheist Publishers and the Cochin based activities of Rationalist Centre, Indian Rationalist Association and Navodhana Vedi. Books of Indian Atheist Publishers, Mudra Books and all major publishing houses are available in the book stall at this centre.


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