We all know about the significance of Student Federation of India in the Insian Education Scenario. Student Federation of India is the major student organization in the Universities and Colleges in all over India. SFI achieved this support through continous struggle for the quality and equality in education sector. Student Federation of India was formed through its first conference which was held in thiruvananthapuram between december 27 to 30 in the year of 1970. The Student Federation of India inherits with pride and anti-imperialist, patriotic, secular, democratic, and progressive legacy of the Indian people struggle for national liberation from the Brittish Council rule. The Student federation of India takes upon itself the task of organizing the students in schools, colleges, Universities and other educational institutions of the country and also Indian Students studying abroad under its banner to build a powerfull and well knit student movement for the betterment and upliftment of student community.
Now , Indian Education sector facing various threats from different sides.Now a days Education is turning into be more commercialised. It is becouse of unfortunately the Central and State Governments are not concerned about the impoirtance of Public sector Education.Recently Government of India announced that they are going to open our education sector to the Foreign Universities. They trying to sent a false messege to the people of India that its for improvinf the standard of education in India. But the fact that the well performing universities like Oxsford, Cambridge, Harward etc are not going to come here. but the universities are running with the proffit motive will come.It will make the situation into more worst. Student Federation of india is protesting agaist these kind of wrog and meaningful decissions of Indian govt in all over India.
We, the students are the future of India. For a better future we must grow as a well educated generation. we must know about the happenings in and around us and should involve it.We have the full right to organize and speaking for our sake. Come and Join in Student Federation of India. Let us hold our hands for a better India.



  1. I am frm a small town Mulbagal Of Kolar district… Trying to join SFI to serve the society n make our india as a leading nation in mother EARTH. Am planning to start a organisation under the banner of SFI. Pls JOIN UR HANDS TO LEAD DIS PLACE.

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